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Pictures To Ponder: Inspired Journaling
Flowers Book 1

by the Photos and the
Self-Reflecting Queries

You'll Discover,
Reflect on and
Beauty in Your Life

A 52 page book with 22 full-color 4.5" X 6" photos, each with its own "Self- Reflecting Queries" with space to journal on them, or simply pause and ponder them.

"I have used this book for times of needed peace and inspiration. The author's beautiful personal photographs invite the reader to find a comfortable place to compose and be composed. Her inspirational words are gentle reminders of our human potential." Stephen D. Grubman-Black

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The Photos:

thumbnails of photos in Pictures to Ponder: Inspired Journaling - Flowers Book 1

The Queries:

Taking Things for Granted
Being Open
Jealousy Identified and Transformed
Transforming Past Beliefs
People Pleasing Assumptions
Changing Points of View
Being Responsible When Speaking
Aspects of Ourselves
Internal Monologues Impede Progress
Being Fully Self-Expressed
Elements of Attraction
Comparing Obscures Clarity
Finding Repeated Patterns
A Story or Reality?
Macro Focusing
Perfectionism and Moving Forward - Claiming Your Own Responses
Small Investments, Large Rewards
Responding to Others' Opinions
Lighting Up Your Life

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